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Antares3D™ G-code Editor for 3D printing
Antares3D™ is full-featured G-code viewer with powerful processing capabilities, designed specially for 3D printing.
Thanks to its unlimited editing capabilities and rich set of tools, it helps the 3D-printing funs and professionals to achieve the best possible printing quality with no hassle. Unlimited file size handling, fast processing, G-code optimization, realistic rendering and graphical layer editing – all allow the user to get best out of its 3D printer and produce the professional results with ease, saving time and printing costs.

G-code Optimizer Extrudable modifiers

G-code Optimizer is a very powerful Antares3D™ tool that allows reducing G-code file size, decreasing printing time and improving printing quality.
It fixes the code for any redundant steps and jerks, which are often produced by most of the slicer programs, and optimizes travel paths. This reduces file size and its transfer time to an actual printer.
G-code optimizer automatically re-sequencing printing features order, producing semi-sequential printing even within a single model. This dramatically reduces amount of dragging and strings on model’s boundaries (up to 20 times less, depending on layer height), significantly improving printing quality.
The Optimizer performs a unique smart-layer re-combination, leaving the original high-quality print on external perimeters yet reducing the amount of print for inner parts. This significantly reduces printing time, in many cases by up to 30-40%, depending on model and the slicer program it has been produced with.

Anaters3D™ offers a powerful way to alter the model’s geometry with the extrudable modifiers. The extrudable modifier is a 2D shape (rectangular, circular, polyline or closed arbitrary polygon) that can be extruded along Z-axis. This allows editing the model without re-slicing it or if the particular slicer software does not produce the desired results.
By applying such a modifier, the model can be altered in a number of ways:
The parts of the model can be cut off. A multiple cut-offs of an arbitrary shape and location can be achieved, including fully embedded into a model’s body.
Some parts of the model can be solid-filled, improving strength in particular critical areas.
Some parts of the model can be strengthened by filling areas surrounding boundaries only. For instance, it is often required to have screw holes with thicker walls.

Full-featured text editor Advanced 2D and 3D viewers
Full-featured text editor comes with smart syntax highlighting (all the colors are customizable).
In addition to a typical set of text-editing features (copy/paste/copy/delete), it provides unlimited undo/redo options, smart word selection, safe-editing capabilities, executable and step-selected lines marking, navigation by a cursor or by selected steps.
The important part of the editor is the Command Builder that allows the user quickly insert the most common G commands at multiple places at once. Each quick command comes with dedicated GUI interface that significantly simplifies entering command’s parameters, without necessity to remember their format.
The text editor contains also the Structural Viewer to review and analyze G-code file structure, grouping layers, paths and steps in easy to comprehend view.
Both the text editor and the structural viewer are synchronized with 2D graphical viewer,
allowing 2-way navigation through the printed features.
Antares3D™ comes with two types of graphical viewers to visualize G-code and to assist its processing.
First is 2D Step viewer that displays one layer at time with all the contained printing steps. It also aloes to overlay any layer above or beneath on the currently displayed layer, mainly to simplify work with modifiers. The user may review and select any printing steps or paths for further modification or freely manipulate the modifiers. Antares3D synchronizes text editor and the viewer, making it extremely simple to find parts of the code, which correspond to specific printed feature.
The second viewer is 3D model preview with realistic renderer. Unlike many other viewers, Antares3D displays model considering extruded steps dimensions, much like it will come out of the 3D printer. This allows the user to intercept and correct any potential problems with the print at early stage, without necessity to waste time and material during a real trial print.
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